Hello 2016!

I am a family photographer & collector of moments. I don’t over extend my camera to places I don’t belong or with things I am not passionate about… I have arrived to a place in my career where I can say families are the heartbeat of my business.  I have worked hard over the  years to get to this place where I can say that I am creating art that makes my soul come alive with purpose. As I reflect back on 2015 and the incredible families who trusted me &  let their guard down in front of my lens I am in awe. I know investing in my work is a big deal and I don’t take that investment lightly, giving every ounce of myself into creating images that have emotion and depth is my life’s joy.  2015 was my favorite year as a collector moments…. from traveling all over the Hudson Valley, Chasing light in the Carolinas, Colorado and Texas its safe to say it was an incredible journey.

2016 is the year to dig deeper, dare to be exactly who you were created to be, strip yourself of everyone else’s version of family and own your story, document it and hold it close to your heart. I am focusing more than ever on family photography & legacy sessions. I can’t wait to tell your story!


THE BIGGEST announcement is I will be adding an additional family option this year on top of My Reverie Sessions and Unscripted!

Light Chaser Sessions :  1 hour sunset session that is schedule 45 minutes before sundown so we shoot those last golden moments of the day and soak up the last drop of light in the sky afterwards when things glow, one location chosen by me, immediate family only, 30-40+ custom edited images available for download, weeknights only. I will only be able to take one per week so we can assure sunlight. This is not a mini session but an excellent alternative to a full storytelling session.

I am leaving my weekends for full storytelling sessions such as my beloved and treasured…Reverie sessions : 2-3 hours,  a Location that means something to your family that includes 150++ images, personal styling and an album or canvas! These sessions are pretty much the full experience of documenting your family leaving enough time for your children to truly show their true self!




Legacy Sessions-

I could write a book (maybe I will) on WHY you need to book one of these! My Legacy sessions stole the show this past year and I know some of these moments will carry the weight of the world on them as the years go on. These images become all encompassing and breathtaking as I saw generations come together in a way that made father time tear up. If you haven’t booked one, this is your year! I have added additional package options here too!


Pure Newlife :

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci

Another reflection on last year is that I made a huge shift at the end of the year with my new life photography by ditching the props and embracing the newborn as a work of art, focusing on their details, poses with a simple and pure approach to newlife photography. I look at my portfolio now and see timeless art, a celebration of the incredible miracle that is a baby and I can’t be more excited about that. I have revamped my investment structure and  have released various types of packages this year for my Pure & Simple Newlife sessions….*** including an awesome FRESH 48 option that can be booked ALONE  if the whole investment isn’t in the cards for you!***


My 2016 Travel Schedule! Email me for more information, including exact locations and dates! <3


I am seriously humbled by your participation of my mini session giveaway, kick off to the new year! I loved seeing you change your profile pictures to images that mean something to you,  to see some of my past clients who I haven’t seen in a while pop up was also awesome!  I wish you could all win….  drum roll….



x0- Erin


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Rivers and Roads : A Reverie Session :: Hudson Valley Family Photographer

Just like that each moment melted into the next as the early November sun lit the path ahead of them giving  life back to the fallen leaves one more time and shining warmth onto their steps.  It’s there between one season’s ending and a new one beginning that we find their story…. Living far from those they love, they find solace in exploring together, forging new memories hand in hand….  even when rivers and roads separate them from those they love they make a way.  I saw in that chapter of their story the bond they have formed since they only have each other…. the dependence landed softly before my camera as each frame lacked not in trust or belonging.  The details of a her tiny praying hands, reciting the words her mamma taught her… a little hand wrapped around a stick (a treasure found), Golden strands of hair glowing in the soft fall wind,  resting upon mamma’s shoulder, hugging her daddy’s neck just so, the group hugs,  fall wishes blowing in the wind, the twirling, the light, fireside snuggles … & your love story.

Just the like the words to their favorite song  as they journey around the North East until they are called back home out west…..”River and Roads”  by The Head and the Heart –

Rivers and roads
Rivers and roads
Rivers ’til I reach you

Thank you H Family for trusting me with your story, the life you live so boldly and faithfully.. the perfectly imperfect moments and traveling 3 hours to have me document this season you are in… I am humbled, honored & words cannot truly do justice on just how I feel about this session, meeting you all and sharing in the joy we found that day together. Family Photography is what makes my heart flutter and the calling of my art and heart.

x0- Erin







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Crash Into You : Destination Family Session

The power of the sea, the vastness of its waters…it’s relentless crash and pull draws me closer to listen.  The ocean’s mysteriousness parallels life in so many ways…

Life in all its complexities can be like a wave pounding at your doorstep all the while refining the sand at your feet,  the calm waters are an invitation to rest, the birds that glide above… messengers,  the unknown below a reminder to prepare, pray and stay close. The hum of the ocean becomes sweet music as it pulls itself onto shore releasing the bubbles underneath the sand and then pulling back again.  It’s an ebb and flow that captivates the soul… It became the perfect backdrop for this particular Reverie family session.

I have had the honor to watch these children grow over the years, walk beside their parents in life, the joys and struggles… It wasn’t hard when taking the passion they have for their  Faith, each other and their children and placing it all next to the sea to watch their story unfold.  They have spent countless years on the beaches of Puerto Rico …so a beach session during their vacation in the OBX was beyond perfect.

This session taught  me many lessons on family photography, space and time. I am always and forever open to the lessons each family session will teach me… this particular session taught me that I don’t need much space to tell a story as long as the space is connected deeply to the people present. We shot this session on 5o feet by 50 feet of sand and it was more than enough.

I was also reminded something that I already knew but surely needed a refresher, that time spent at a family session should always be unrestricted, we watched the last drop of light leave the sky together and my heart was at peace, the children and parents never felt rushed and this allowed for so many natural moments to just unfold.

The first image sets the tone for the whole session, a family vision statement in one Frame (Mom’s reaction below after seeing it for the first time)  and when I pieced this blog together I did so with great intention to show the passion that lives within their marriage for each other, the connection they have for their kids, the laughter and love

and the last image …

The sea crashing into their family unit, together, unfazed and united still.

Enjoy! Erin



“My heart full is this is truly us at our core — knees to the ground, head bowed surrendered to the one true King — all under the leading of my husband and their dad. We’re not perfect by any means, and we don’t always get it right, but it’s the struggle that makes this beautiful. In the end, we always find ourselves where we need to be — right here in this image.”

























-C - Erin,

First and foremost, thank you for your heart. It’s why you capture the images you do. It’s the source of the talent God’s blessed you with. Something special happens when a photographer is able go beyond their lens, beyond the scope of the project, and allow themselves to be as vulnerable as the subjects they are shooting. This is you…and it’s one of the reasons why you can reveal steward, spouse, parent, and friend so beautifully in a single session. I love my family deeply — In these images I see a depth of love that goes beyond recognition, and for that, I’m forever grateful my friend. Keep chasing the light…xoxox

Samantha Midulla - Beautiful session! A family that prays and plays together stays together! You can feel the love between man and wife and how it is shared with their children.

shelly starkey - Loved seeing these photos ~
You have such a Gift for capturing the moments and turning them into precious memories, Erin.
Thank you for sharing.

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Light & Legacy : Hudson Valley Family Photographer

It’s the test of time that I  go up against when I shoot a session like this… the weight of knowing these images will be a treasure  becomes my motivation… so I take my time, finding  just the right light and pour myself into every detail and moment… because when all shiny things fade, material objects break down  and you take a step back at life you realize, these smiles, these people and memories are  EVERYTHING. Family is everything.

With each click of my shutter something pretty incredible is happening that is hard to explain in words… trust is being transferred between my beautiful clients and my heart, a legacy is being celebrated and we are giving father time the biggest run for his money… and without a doubt we know that something good and permanent happened in that moment and suddenly the weight of the session is lifted and you can breathe a sigh of  sweet joy knowing … Love translates into pixels, forever.

Enjoy this celebration of Light and Legacy…. and please do share:)

xo- Erin










Amanda - Gorgeous as always, Erin! Xoxo

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Fresh 48 : Hudson Valley Family Photographer


It will be one of the first times in your life where you truly realize you will do aboslutely  anything to make father time slow it down….

As my heart continues to push towards a more unscripted approach to photography…. I am excited to announce that Fresh 48 Sessions are now available to anyone… not just newlife clients. It’s the opportunity to connect and document even if a newlife session isn’t in the cards for your family… I have found some of my most emotionally charged and compelling images have been captured within the first few hours of a little one’s life. It’s within those four walls of a hospital room (or within your home) that you will reach new levels of love, emotion and complete exhaustion from the incredible newlife that has been placed in your hands.

I saw it myself, as a mother to three little ones… the features of each of my children changed dramatically within the first week of life… and the images I hold dearest are the completely  simple undone ones that were the very beginning.

Flaky Skin.

Shriveled Toes.

Tiny Fingers.

Scrunched up nose.

The invitation into your life during these sacred first days comes with great responsibility on my part… so I prepare myself with not only my camera, but patience, joy and an immense motherly desire to create images for you that will stand the test of time…..I find great pride in finding the details, shadows and light with these sessions… No detail, no moment isn’t worthy of the final portfolio.

Mamma’s Tears.

Daddy’s embrace.

Little eyelashes.

Sweet Precious Face.


I am excited to be a witness to your miracle…. I will give father time the best I have, defy time and document these moments for you.









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